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  1. Galvanised Steel Marker

    Galvanised Steel Marker

    Specifically designed for use on galvanized steels, provides permanent, fast drying marks during fabrication. Suitable for all metal, especially effective on wet and oily surfaces. Pump Action® Technology prevents paint in barrel from drying. Ergonomic rubber Pro Grip® with reversible nibs for extended life.Sold individually Learn More
    £4.74 (£3.95 ex. VAT)
  2. Rollerball Paint Marker

    Rollerball Paint Marker

    Durable roller ball tip is effective on wet and slippery surfaces. Use with confidence on virtually any non-porous surfaces, with the comfortable grip and squeeze flow control. This specially formulated paint withstands oil, grease and friction without loss in legibility or brightness! Sold in carton of 2. Learn More
    £4.50 (£3.75 ex. VAT)
  3. Squeeze Marker

    Squeeze Marker

    Ideal for all surfaces including metal, glass, wood, rubber and plastic. This heavy-duty metal tip perfect for making fine, fast drying markings. Suitable for indoor and outdoor conditions, and is both water and weather resistant.Sold individually Learn More
    £4.74 (£3.95 ex. VAT)

3 Item(s)